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The opponents to a new stadium for the Texas Rangers stepped to the microphone one after another at a city council meeting on Tuesday night, but it was all for naught. The City Council in Arlington voted unanimously in favor of the first reading of an ordinance, moving the Rangers’ hopes of a new $1 billion retractable-roof stadium one step closer to becoming a reality.

There are still some obstacles standing in the way, of course. As noted by The Dallas Morning News, the second reading of the ballot proposal is scheduled for August 9, which will determine if the proposal advances to the next stage, which in turn will determine if the proposal will be placed on a ballot for a special election this election day (November 8). So while the voices of concern about the stadium have been heard, there will still be a chance to slam the door shut later down the line.

Despite the large slant toward opposing the new stadium deal, there were some citizens who voiced their opinion in favor of a new stadium. The ties the Rangers have to the local economy in Arlington were cited, as was the possibility the Rangers would leave town if the city doesn’t fork over the oodles of truckloads of cash needed to fund a fancy retractable roof stadium.

“When you have a stadium that is 22 years old and is already paid off and everybody loves it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me,” said Arlington resident William Busby. “How can you support something like this if it is only going to benefit the Rangers and bring very little to the city itself?”

It is likely the Rangers end up getting their new stadium, but will it stay at that extra high price tag? Time will tell.

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