The Houston Astros did something unorthodox during Thursday’s Opening Day game with the Texas Rangers – they implemented a four-man outfield with Joey Gallo at the plate.

In the first inning, third baseman Alex Bregman moved to left field, opening up the entire left side of the infield for the pull-happy Gallo. It worked, as Gallo flew out to Bregman in left.

It happened once again in the fourth inning, with the same result – a fly out to Bregman, standing in left field.

Gallo would strike out in his third at bat of the day, and flew out to right field in the eighth inning to conclude his fourth time to the plate.

To me, this is another example of how some MLB teams will keep innovating their defensive positioning, even if the league considers the farcical notion of banning the shift. You can’t have three infielders on one side of the diamond? OK, cool, I’ll have four players in the outfield instead. Come at us, bro.

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