Citi Field, the home of the Mets, in 2017.

The latest MLB COVID-19 postponements come from the New York Mets. On Thursday, Newsday’s Tim Healey reported that the team had seen two positive COVID-19 tests (involving one player and one staff member), and that the team had postponed games Thursday night (at home against the Miami Marlins) and Friday (at home against the New York Yankees). Here’s the Mets’ later official announcement of that:

This is not the first COVID-19 outbreak in MLB this season, as the Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals in particular have already dealt with significant outbreaks that led to postponed games. But it’s interesting to see yet another one, and to see it hitting the Mets. And this has some national TV implications:

So ESPN loses that Friday game for sure. And while the Sunday game hasn’t been changed so far, there’s certainly a chance that it could be, and that that could lead to some changes for TBS. We’ll see where things go from here for the Mets.


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