Flamethrowers were used to try and dry Citizens Bank Park Monday.

Heavy rain hit much of the East Coast this weekend, and that led to several sports cancellations, including the Washington Nationals’ home game against the Chicago Cubs. The Nationals are now on the road against the Philadelphia Philles, and it’s stopped raining, but they still might not get to play thanks to the sodden ground at Citizens Bank Park, which apparently wasn’t properly tarped Friday and never got the chance to fully dry thanks to the weekend’s rain. The groundskeeping staff sure made an effort to get the field ready, though, including using…flamethrowers?

Oh, and those weren’t just lying around. They brought them in specially. But, it seems that hasn’t fully fixed the field:

Nationals’ star Bryce Harper even contributed to the drying efforts:

But the game was eventually postponed, and it won’t be particularly easy to make it up; the Nationals are in town through Wednesday, but then have to head home to play the Cubs Thursday (the game that was postponed from Sunday). The teams will reportedly try for a doubleheader Tuesday, though:

[NBC Sports Philadelphia; photo from Taryn Hatcher on Twitter]

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