The Kansas City Royals have been absolutely hot since they adopted the Rally Mantis.

The boys in blue and white have won 18 of their 22 games since it first appeared, and while the first Rally Mantis died, the streak has continued with the second version of the Rally Mantis. The team is finally catching up in the AL Central, after a relatively slow start to the season.

The team is making sure they capitalize on the phenomenon, and are selling Rally Mantis masks for $44.99.

The mask is originally sold by Archie McPhee, and costs $27.50, but you know every time you walk into a major league stadium, they’re going for your pockets. The Rally Mantis is no different.

If the mask isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a plush toy that’s being sold as well for $15:

The mask is a good idea, but for younger fans of the Royals, that thing might scare kids pretty easily. I can already see a teenager now wearing the mask and intentionally scaring the living daylights out of people.

Watch where you’re going in Kauffman Stadium, folks.


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