Tensions were high during Saturday’s game between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees, with much of the drama centered around New York’s Josh Donaldson and Chicago’s Tim Anderson. They were triggered by some unfortunate words.

Donaldson and Anderson were seen jawing with each other at the end of an inning. And while nothing really materialized from it, Anderson was guided off of the field by his teammates.

The benches cleared later in the game when Donaldson came to the plate and had an unpleasant discussion with White Sox catcher, Yasmani Grandal. While Grandal and Donaldson were at the center of that incident to start, it was Anderson that had to be forcibly restrained by teammates Gavin Sheets and Jose Abreu.

So, what happened? When the game was over, Chicago manager Tony La Russa said that Donaldson made some racist remarks, but wouldn’t elaborate any further. Anderson, however, did, saying that Donaldson called him “Jackie Robinson.”

MLB fans were highly critical of Donaldson.

While there are two sides to every story, Donaldson doesn’t deny calling Robinson that. He did say, however, that there wasn’t anything racist meant by it.

Donaldson referenced Anderson calling himself “today’s Jackie Robinson” in 2019 and said it was something the two had joked about previously.

While Donaldson’s explanation does offer a slightly different context, it was not met with overwhelming support by any means.

The fact that Donaldson and Anderson had an incident a week prior to this one does make Donaldson’s explanation that it was intended to be light-hearted harder to believe. We can expect some kind of reaction from Major League Baseball. Whether it will be to everyone’s liking is a different matter.

The White Sox and Yankees will have a double-header on Sunday. After that, though, this drama will likely be put on ice for a while, as the two teams don’t play again in 2022.

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