This shit is so stupid. White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson will reportedly be suspended for one game because of the language he used in a brawl on Wednesday, which began after Royals starter Brad Keller (who will be suspended five games) plunked Anderson following a bat flip after a home run earlier in the game.

White Sox manager Rick Renteria, whose player got plunked, was also suspended for a game, while Royals manager Ned Yost, whose pitcher did the plunking, reportedly avoided suspension.

Here’s the homer in question.

The funny thing is that after the home run, MLB’s official Twitter accounts were all about Anderson enjoying his dinger.

So, to briefly recap here.

  • Hitting dingers: good
  • Pimping dingers: sort of good
  • Throwing at players for hitting and pimping dingers: bad
  • Getting upset that you got thrown at for hitting and pimping a dinger: also bad
  • Getting upset that your player who hit and pimped a dinger was thrown at: just as bad

If Anderson’s one game suspension really was for “language used” during the brawl, I really hope he got his money’s worth out of it.

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