PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – SEPTEMBER 20: Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Mets works out at an instructional league day at Tradition Field on September 20, 2016 in Port St. Lucie, Florida. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

What happens when you bat .222 with a .651 OPS at Class A, while being seven and a half years older than the average player in the league?

If you’re Tim Tebow, you get promoted.

Yes, Tebow is moving up in the baseball world, from A to High-A. He “earned” this promotion by ranking eighth on the Columbia Fireflies in average and OPS while hitting only three home runs and leading the team in strikeouts.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson’s explanation of the promotion included reference to Tebow’s home OPS (so what?), acknowledgment that “it’s not like he’s tearing up the lead” (uh huh), and reference to his “positive” marks in metrics like chase rate and exit velocity (suuuure).

We can see how unqualified Tebow is for promotion by comparing him to three other players the Mets promoted from Columbia to St. Lucie this week:

Merandy Gonzalez, SP: 69 2/3 innings, 65 Ks, 1.55 ERA, age 21
Jordan Humphreys, SP: 69 2/3 innings, 80 Ks, 1.42 ERA, age 21
Michael Paez, IF: 263 PAs, .290/.376/.509, eight home runs, 43 RBIs, age 22
Tim Tebow, OF: 241 PAs, .222/.306/.340, three home runs, 22 RBIs, age 29

Sure looks like they promoted three dudes who’ve dominated the league and one who’s been a below-average player by any measure.

Tebow’s promotion affirms the belief that the Mets simply view the former football player as a publicity machine and figured that if the fans in Columbia had gotten their fill, they might as well move Tebowmania to St. Lucie.

Tebow remains three steps away from the Majors, so maybe we should hold our outrage, but there’s certainly something maddening about how this guy continues to fail upward.

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11 thoughts on “Tim Tebow continues to fail upward, gets promoted despite .222 batting average

  1. They didn’t sign him to keep him in the rookie league. He will be in the show, even for just a couple of games this season. You can take that to the bank.

      1. You sadly underestimate Tebomania, and the people wanting to cash in on it.

        1. You vastly overrate it. Yeah, he has his fanbase but it’s not that big. People are sick of him. Visit some Mets fanboards. They don’t fucking want him. And what player would EVER want to play for the Mets if they take this clown from rookie A-Ball and put him in the line-up on a major league roster for any reason whatsoever. Guys in AA and AAA with 10x his talent get passed over for a novelty act that might sell 20 more tickets in September? The entire front office should be fired on the spot and every guy in AA and AAA should demand a trade or outright release. F You and all your hard work and YEARS of toiling in the minors…we’re bringing a circus sideshow who hit .222 in the lowest tier of the minors we have, to the main roster in September. Mets fans should burn that fucking stadium to the ground if that happens.

          1. get the gasoline ready then. If there’s a way they can bring him to the show, they will.

  2. With the Mets being a train wreck, you can count on some made-for-ESPN appearance by TT, especially as a counter to the start of the football season.

  3. He will homer in the show this year…even if opposing pitcher has to groove him one

    1. What show? Are you suggesting in the next three months he’ll go from A-Ball to Shea Stadium? LOLZ

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