Well, this is certainly something. Playing left field in his first game for the class-A Columbia (S.C.) Fireflies, Tim Tebow made a hell of a debut:

Here’s video:


There’s official video:

Off a lefty! Bonus points for Tebow standing at second for way too long without realizing the ump was signaling a home run. (That’s not quitewarming up in the wrong on-deck circle the same as , but still.)

It’s been easy to mock the whole “Timmy tries baseball” storyline, especially when recent stories really tried to hammer home the Michael Jordan comparisons, as though Tebow was leaving surefire stardom in a different sport behind.

Plus, he’s not really good at baseball, he’s 29, etc.

But, hey, you can’t fake a home run. He really did that. Good for him.

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