PEORIA, AZ – OCTOBER 13: Tim Tebow #15 (New York Mets) of the Scottsdale Scorpions warms up in the dugout during the Arizona Fall League game against the Peoria Javelinas at Peoria Stadium on October 13, 2016 in Peoria, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Today in Tim Tebow Tries To Tackle Baseball (the alliteration only goes so far), we get another blooper from the former football player.

On top of his unimpressive performance on the field, where he had two strikeouts, a GIDP and a hit-by-pitch, he showed his lack of baseball knowledge in a different way, when he warmed up in the wrong on-deck circle.

He spoke to Fox’s Ken Rosenthal about his snafu, which apparently took place between innings:

“It was embarrassing what Tebow did before his first at-bat against righthander Rick Porcello, strolling toward the Red Sox’ on-deck circle, clueless about where to go.

Porcello caught a glimpse of him and thought Tebow was a Mets ball boy. Collins said jokingly that he thought Tebow was going to shake hands with Red Sox bench coach Gary DiSarcina. Mets first base coach Tom Goodwin and plate umpire Ryan Additon had to order Tebow back.

And Tebow?

“I kind of thought, ‘You walk around because you’re a lefthander.’ I found out that you don’t do that.”

One possible explanation:

Though here’s another one, which is much more obvious. I think you know the words too, so here we go, all at once, now:

Tim Tebow isn’t a baseball player!

Everyone knows this, even the Mets know this. They’re trying to cash in on a fad. Deep inside that big heart of his, Tim Tebow has to know that too.

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