The beef between Joc Pederson and Tommy Pham, which was strange from the beginning, is getting more bizarre by the second.

Pham slapped Pederson before Friday’s game between Pederson’s San Francisco Giants and Pham’s Cincinnati Reds. It was later revealed that Pham had slapped Pederson over a fantasy football dispute. Following the game, Pederson offered an explanation so it’s only fair that Pham gets to share his side of the story. On Saturday, he did, and what a side it was.

Pham had a lot to say. But the absolute goldmine came when he said (per Evan Webeck, Bay Area News Group) “I’m a big dog in Vegas. I’m a high roller at many casinos.”

This situation has captivated the MLB world from the outset. This only gotten MLB fans going more.


Prior to Saturday’s game between the two teams, it was announced that Pham had been suspended for three games, retroactive to Friday night. The big dog agreed to the suspension and as such, will not play in this series against the Giants.

The two teams will play again from June 24-26 in San Francisco. That series is now a lot more spicy than it was prior to Friday’s activity. If the Giants don’t play Who Let the Dogs Out? every time Pham comes to the plate in that series, it’s a real missed opportunity.

[Evan Webeck]

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