In the world of baseball trades, the Arizona Diamondbacks sending pitcher Wei-Chieh Huang and a player to be named to the Texas Rangers for pitcherย Jake Diekman isn’t much to get excited about. How the player exchange went down, however, makes for a unique situation.

Normally you wouldn’t expect the National League’s Diamondbacks and American League’s Rangers to be cavorting with one another, but thanks to the wonders of interleague playm they happened to be facing off Tuesday when the trade went down. Arizona was in the middle of a road swing in Arlington and that would have made it pretty easy for Diekman to just walk on over to the visitor’s locker room and join his new squad.

However, the future is now, and the future includes the Diamondbacks’ mascot drivingย Diekman in a golf cart to join his new team instead.

For the record that is D. Baxter the Bobcat driving. As for why a team named after a snake has a bobcat for a mascot, that’s a story for another day. Also another story for another day, how D. Baxter got his license.

No word on whether or not Texas mascotย Rangers Captain chaperonedย Huang to his new dugout.


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