Jun 14, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Atlanta Braves catcher Travis d’Arnaud (16) is congratulated by teammates after scoring a run during the second inning against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

If anyone needs proof that catchers are wired differently than the rest of us, what happened with Travis d’Arnaud should be more than sufficient.

During his at-bat in the second inning of Tuesday’s game, Washington Nationals third baseman Maikel Franco hit a foul ball that caught the Atlanta Braves catcher in an unfortunate part of the body. While catchers are more vulnerable than most, that can happen to anyone. We’ve seen hitters hit the most painful of foul balls and base runners hit below the belt on errant throws and tags this season. But d’Arnaud did two things afterward that frankly, defy all logic.

One, shortly after the foul ball, he was laughing about the incident with some fans behind home plate.

Then came the real kicker.

After taking a foul ball to the groin in the bottom of the second inning, d’Arnaud couldn’t simply rest in the top of the third. He had an at-bat and one with men on base, no less. Even given the RBI opportunity that awaited, nobody would have blamed d’Arnaud for mailing the at-bat in. Instead, he did the exact opposite. d’Arnaud launched a 2-1 pitch over the wall for a three-run home run.

Baseball fans were amazed at the sequence from the Atlanta backstop.

Catchers are just a different breed.

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