Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer made headlines prior to this year’s American League Championship Series by injuring his right pinky finger in an incident with a drone.

Bauer had his schedule start pushed back to Monday night’s Game 3, and tried to give it a go with his finger injury. Well, it was disgusting and short-lived. The Indians pitcher didn’t even make it out of the first inning before his finger started bleeding.

There is a lot to process there. Let’s start with the TBS crew of Pedro Martinez, Jimmy Rollins, Garry Sheffield and Casey Stern, who had plenty of fun with Bauer and his nasty pinky. They made a Jason Pierre-Paul joke, referenced Jaws, and called it a “little chicken wing.”

As the game started, you saw that Bauer’s pinky became more and more of an issue. Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was one of the people who pushed Bauer’s exit from the game.

Bauer was far from happy with having to leave the game as early as he did. But for everyone’s sake, it’s probably for the best.

Cleveland entered the game with a 2-0 series lead. Plus, it doesn’t seem like the best idea for a pitcher to be out there with his finger dripping blood all over the place. And as a fan, not seeing that finger for the entire game will likely prevent some form of vomit.

However, this probably doesn’t help the Indians’ bullpen situation. Cleveland can only hope Bauer’s crazy injury heals quickly, and he is able to pitch one of the other games in Toronto.


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