The Venezuelan Professional Baseball League used to be a viable option for MLB players and other pros to get some offseason reps. It’s become less popular with that crowd thanks to local unrest and upheaval (going back to incidents like Wilson Ramos being kidnapped and rescued in 2011), but tonight the upheaval was entirely on the field.

Thanks to this Twitter video upload from Daniel Álvarez Montes, we have video of one of the wilder baseball fights ever. It interrupted a blowout game between Zulia and Caribes, and it delayed proceedings for quite some time while umpires sorted everything out.

If you’re wondering what kind of brawl is required for a game to be red flagged, well, here you go:

That’s former Diamondbacks outfielder/current member of Zulia Alex Ramos being thrown at and then using the bat. Ramos, who played two seasons in the majors in 2008 and 2009, ends up getting a mitt hurled full speed in his direction before both benches clear and the fighting spills into the outfield. Minnesota Twins fan favorite Willians Astudillo was playing first for Caribe, and he was among the players ejected.

Behold the game log:

  • Alex Romero hit by pitch. Herlis Rodriguez to 2nd.
  • Caribes first baseman Willians Astudillo ejected by HP umpire Leo Nieves.
  • Caribes catcher Gabriel Lino ejected by HP umpire Leo Nieves.
  • Caribes pitcher Angel Nesbitt ejected by HP umpire Leo Nieves.
  • Caribes shortstop Cesar Valera ejected by HP umpire Leo Nieves.
  • Aguilas right fielder Alex Romero ejected by HP umpire Leo Nieves.

To top it all off, later in the inning, after play resumed:

  • Engelb Vielma hit by pitch.
  • Caribes pitcher Luis Rengel ejected by HP umpire Leo Nieves.
  • Pitching Change: Alex Torres replaces Luis Rengel.

Using the bat is obviously incredibly stupid and dangerous, to a degree even more stupid and dangerous than every other baseball fight, or sporting brawl in general. It’s a hell of a spectacle though.

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