Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

If you dislike Vladimir Guerrero Jr. for any reason other than him being a good player on a rival team, be prepared to have those feelings severely challenged.

Guerrero and the Toronto Blue Jays hosted the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday. Baltimore beat Toronto 6-5. But something that happened in the dugout and then the stands during the game is far more important than anything that happened between the lines.

At Toronto’s Rogers Centre, a young fan sitting right behind home plate had a sign that was addressed to Guerrero’s teammate, Bo Bichette. The sign read, “Hey Bo, I beat cancer like you beat the pitcher.”

Guerrero noticed the sign and acted. He gave a bat to one of Toronto’s bat boys and pointed to the fan, telling the bat boy the give the bat to the young fan.

That’s exactly what happened. Understandably, that brought a huge smile to the face of the youngster who’s already overcome a lot in his life.

Seeing how much it meant to the fan, baseball fans loved Guerrero’s act.

Guerrero deserves great praise for making the day (and probably year) of the fan. And of course, the fan deserves even more praise for fighting through cancer.

[Photo Credit: Toronto Blue Jays]

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