In the 57 seasons the Texas Rangers have been a franchise, they’ve had players were every number between 1 and 71 except for one.

Yes, that’s right, they’ve never had a No. 69.

For those of you too mature to know, the number 69 has long been a source of, um fascination for the most juvenile among us. As a result, it’s been worn by only eight players in baseball history, as far as Baseball-Reference can tell, most recently Pirates pitcher Wilfredo Boscan last season. By comparison, the number 70 has been worn by 27 players.

Well according to Levi Weaver, Rangers beat writer for WFAA, a Rangers player recently requested No. 69 and was told no.

The Rangers have had four players wear No. 68 and and one player apiece for 66, 67, 70 and 71, so this isn’t just an objection to high numbers. Last year,  Luke Jackson wore No. 77 and Prince Fielder donned No. 84.

Nope, this is just about the Rangers being no fun at all.

Seriously, if a guy wants to get a little laugh out of his uniform number (or just happens to like the number 69), why shouldn’t the team let him? Players who have worn No. 69 in the past have said they were no worse off for it. What would Gronk say about this?

So which Rangers player was it who asked for No. 69? We don’t know, but it was probably one who says “bro” a lot.

Oh and it’s not Mike Napoli.

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