Alex Rodriguez is only a few months into retirement, and it has already been a whirlwind. After charming us all on Fox’s shockingly excellent postseason studio show, the most hated member of the 600-home-run club is now at home running ARod Corp.

What ARod Corp. actually is, is a bit unclear. We know it has a desk, we know it has a website, and this week we learned it has polo shirts. Oh and it also has a homemade informercial starring A-Rod and his two daughters, tweeted from the official @AROD account Wednesday night.

It’s clear from this video that A-Rod is totally serious about doing… whatever ARod Corp does. Look at how purposeful he is in stuffing those packages with polos, while simultaneously imploring us to buy shirts from him. That’s Hall-of-Fame concentration right there. And the way he delegates to his daughters? Impressive.

It seems that post-baseball A-Rod has become a cross between your over-earnest neighbor, a UPS worker and Billy Mays.

Meanwhile, is it just us, or does ARod Corp. sound like real-life Entertainment 720?

Boys & Girls Clubs is a great cause, though!

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