Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber has had an amazing comeback from a blown out knee he suffered early on in the 2016 Major League Baseball season. Just six months after surgery to repair his damaged knee, Schwarber stepped up to the plate in the World Series.

It was an incredible moment in a World Series full of incredible stories already. One would think his teammates were happy to have him aboard.

But, baseball players being baseball players… his teammates aren’t going to let him return without a little ribbing.

In a reminder that cameras are everywhere and high school will haunt you for the rest of your life, some members of the Chicago Cubs have taken to re-enacting a viral high school choir performance of Schwarber’s.

It’s not as if this took much digging, as Schwarber graduated high school all of five years ago and was front and center for his choir performance. Poor guy and his “dapper” choir boys and girls in those outfits.

Just how big was the ribbing? Even the Cubs social media accounts got in on the act.

Whatever the ribbing Schwarber is receiving for this performance, his teammates are glad he is back in the lineup. (Though he’ll apparently be limited to designated hitter duties during the four games in Cleveland, along with pinch-hitting duties for the next three games at Wrigley Field.)

All he’s done in his return to action is hit .429 (3-for-7) with two walks, a double and two RBI in just two games of action in the World Series.

Not too shabby for a guy who spent the last six months recovering from one of the nastiest knee injuries we’ve seen on a baseball field in some time.

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