Everyone knows that ESPN and most other national media are juuust a bit biased toward the Cubs, who seek to snap their 108-year World Series drought. Still, if you turned on SportsCenter in the hours leading up to Game 7 of the World Series between Chicago and Cleveland on Wednesday night, you probably didn’t expect to see someone actively praying on behalf of the Cubs.

Yet there was Cubs team chaplain Father Burke Masters, seated next to an ESPN reporter in The Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville, literally asking God for the Cubs’ players to play well.

Do you think God is more likely to listen to prayers when they’re aired on live television? What about prayers issued in a crowded bar?

It’s worth noting that Father Masters did not pray for a Cubs win—apparently that’s too much to ask, even of the Lord Almighty—but rather for the players to perform to the best of their abilities. Credit to the father for not getting greedy.

If the Cubs do win Wednesday night, we should all really be praying for the city of Chicago and the neighborhood of Wrigleyville because those fans might just burn the place to the ground.

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