The impact athletes have on peoples lives can’t be understated. When so many have so little, even the smallest gesture from their hero can make their week.

With that in mind, Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, decided to go undercover into a school and surprise some kids with an opportunity of a lifetime. Bank of America has a program called the MLB Memory Bank, where they go in and try to make lasting memories for kids and their local team.

Adam Jones dressed up as “Herbert Garfield,” the kids’ substitute teacher for the day. The faces the kids make when they realize who it actually is makes the video go from average to out of this world.

Seeing the kids interact with the centerfielder and sit in the bleachers right behind him is great. Sports are often used as an escape, to forget about everything else that is happening. That is a fine, novel concept, but the best part of the game is the sense of community it brings to others. These students have a memory associated with their school, classmates and teachers for the rest of their lives. If this even made an inkling of an impact to the students, this is a job well done.

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