There will be an awful amount of firsts involving the Chicago Cubs and the World Series, some corny and some with real meaning.

This couple can almost definitively be the first to have a marriage proposal involving the World Series trophy, the Cubs and Wrigley Field. It is still a shock to some that World Series and the Cubs were used in the same sentence.

Here is the back story according to Reddit user “Bob_Lob_Law_Law_Blog” who posted the video.

“Wrigley Field is where we first started dating. Her dad has been working for the Cubs for 38 years and she worked as an usher at Wrigley for 2 years in high school. Together, we have many memories at Wrigley. I knew it was time when I heard we were going on the field to see the trophy. Here’s to the next 108 years!”

Most sports marriage proposals are decidedly corny, they don’t have a lot of meaning to them and they come off as lazy. This on the other hand has a shared meaning and was special in more ways than one. It’ll be tough to top this for sports-centric couples, the look of pure joy she has in the video will be the envy of most people watching.

Let’s just hope a curse isn’t put on this relationship, am I right?


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