Mike Trout has more than his fair share of highlight videos, but this might be his best work yet.

Prior to the Los Angeles Angels’ Sunday matchup with the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, the superstar outfielder stopped to sign a few items for a few of his young fans. One fan in particular was especially excited to get the autograph of his favorite player.

The whole video is fantastic. From the kid hurriedly telling Trout, “I love you, Mike. You’re my favorite player ever,” to him running into his father’s arm and then wiping away tears of joy.

There are a lot of great moments in sports, but few are better than those where the youngest fans get to interact with their idols up close and personal. In terms of heartwarming moments, this ranks right up there with that time Andrew McCutchen gave his gloves to those Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

Who said millennials don’t care about baseball?

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