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As any White Sox fan will tell you, Chicago’s South Side team sometimes gets forgotten amid discussion of the city’s sports franchises. Everyone from ESPN to the Washington Post to CBS to ESPN again has had to apologize in recent years for essentially writing the White Sox out of history.

On Tuesday night, it was Wheel of Fortune’s turn.

During a Chicago-themed version of the classic gameshow, a puzzle appeared on the screen with the clue “Chicago ___.” It soon became clear that the answers were four Chicago sports teams: the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bulls and Bears. The White Sox were nowhere to be found.

As you might imagine, the Sox were not thrilled about the puzzle and had some suggestions about how it might be improved. Here’s what the team’s official Twitter account came up with:

The Chicago Tribune, which is always diligent in its coverage of White Sox slights, asked Wheel of Fortune for comment, and here’s what the show sent back:

Apparently, the White Sox’s two-word name — and the puzzle’s format — worked against it. A “Wheel of Fortune” spokesperson said via email, “Over the years we have included the Chicago White Sox in many of our puzzles, but in our crossword puzzle format, we use only single word, interlocking answers.”

Of course, Wheel makes a good point that “White Sox” is two words, which could be confusing in a crossword format. Plus an eight-letter name would be difficult to fit alongside the 10-letter “Blackhawks.” But Sox fans would argue that if there wasn’t room on the board for the full complement of Chicago teams, Wheel should have used a different subject altogether. In the same way you wouldn’t name the presidents on Mount Rushmore and omit Roosevelt, you probably shouldn’t name Chicago’s sports teams without acknowledging the White Sox.

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