The San Francisco Giants defeated the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday. Defensive plays in extra innings had a lot to do with that.

San Francisco benefited from a play that the Phillies did not make in the 10th inning. Then, in the 11th, the Giants were bolstered by a play they did execute.

With the Giants ahead 7-4 heading into the 11th inning, Philadelphia’s Johan Camargo led the inning off. He hit a high foul ball, which San Francisco’s first baseman, Wilmer Flores had a chance to catch. He did just that, though not without some drama.

While first base umpire Larry Vanover initially ruled that the ball was not caught, the Giants challenged and — after a short review — the call was overturned.

MLB fans were excited to comment on the play.

The Phillies and their fans have been on the other side of a similar play. In the 1980 World Series, Philadelphia catcher Bob Boone appeared to drop a pop-up, only for Pete Rose to swoop in and catch it before it hit the ground. This play, though, probably won’t be remembered as fondly in Philadelphia.

The final two innings of Tuesday’s game do show how important good defense is in baseball. It’s a reminder that would have served the Phillies well before the season.

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