Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani

It’s come down to this. Team Japan and Team USA face one another in the finals for the World Baseball Classic. A matchup that has Shohei Ohtani facing Los Angeles Angels teammate Mike Trout for the first time.

Prior to Tuesday’s game, both teams walked out onto LoanDepot Park. Both Ohtani and Trout were leading their respective teams, carrying the country’s flags.

It was goosebump-worthy.

You can hear the crowd going crazy as the lights flickered.

Trout said this has been the most fun he’s ever had playing the game. So much so, he’s ready to commit to playing in the WBC in 2026, when it returns.

“I mean it’s special,” Trout said on the Fox Sports set on Tuesday. “I’m getting goosebumps right now thinking about it. The USA chants, wearing [USA] across your chest, I already told them I’m doing the next one. I’m already in. If I’m DH-ing — playing left field, whatever they want, I’m already in. I think that’s coming from all of the guys, talking to them, knowing how proud we are wearing that across our chests and just coming out here, like I said, in the ninth inning, hearing the USA chants, it’s special, man.”

You just let Trout know when. He’ll be there.

Ohtani is coming off a walk-off win against Team Mexico on Monday night during the semifinals. He hit a double to assist in the win to have him in the place of facing Trout and company.

It was an entertaining game that had the world on its toes.

Despite the loss, Mexico’s manager, Benji Gil, said, “Japan advances, but the world of baseball won tonight.”

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