Aaron Boone gets ejected

Aaron Boone has made a habit of confronting umpires in recent days. Friday it cost him.

MLB suspended the New York Yankees manager for Friday night’s against the San Diego Padres, and fined him an undisclosed amount. MLB’s statement on Boone’s penalties cited “his recent conduct toward Major League Umpires.”

Boone got ejected for arguing balls and strikes calls early in the Yankees’ loss to the Baltimore Orioles Thursday.


Thursday’s event marked Boone’s third ejection in the past 10 days and he’s been ejected four times this season, most in baseball. While Boone knows he’s earned a reputation for being argumentative, he told reporters before Friday night’s game that he doesn’t think umpires are targeting him.

“I think I’ve earned that reputation,” Boone said (via ESPN). “Do I think it’s leading to a quick hook? Not necessarily. I think last night was quick, but that could be a one-off. Maybe I’m delusional and that I did more than I think.”

All the drama from recent days led Boone to make a vow Friday, before he learned of his suspension and fine.

“It’s happened a few times this week and I’d like to not get ejected, and hopefully I can start a long streak of not getting ejected,” Boone said. “I’m not necessarily afraid to, but no, it’s not my intent to get ejected, and I don’t want to, and hopefully I won’t for a while.”

Yankees fans definitely didn’t appreciate the penalties, and a surprising number of fans from other teams agreed.


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