Triple plays alone are a rare feat; I’ve never watched one happen live, either in person or on television. The Cubs, the team I watch most frequently, haven’t been involved in one since 2000 and haven’t turned one since 1997, which explains that a bit, but you’d think by law of averages I’d see one live at some point.

The Yankees and Reds combined for a play even rarer, though, and perhaps the second-rarest version of the triple play, after the unassisted variety: one that resulted in a run.

With the bases loaded, new Yankee (and former Red) Todd Frazier stepped to the plate and hit a sharp grounder to short. Then, this happened:

In order for a run to score on a triple play, there obviously has to be a tag involved, and that’s exactly what we got here, with Didi Gregorious breaking back towards second when the ball was hit. That’s not entirely dumb; had it been caught, he’d have been doubled off, but then once the fielder stepped on second and threw to first, Gregorius had no incentive to run to third. And yet, he did, where he was caught in a rundown.

Whoops. Here it is to Yakety Sax, because why not:

That’s a weird triple play!

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