Hal Steinbrenner, Derek Jeter Photo: Talkin’ Yanks

Hal Steinbrenner might own the New York Yankees but he is not a popular figure within Yankee-land.

After being booed at Paul O’Neill’s Yankees Hall of Fame induction ceremony a few weeks ago, Steinbrenner was there for Derek Jeter’s induction ceremony Friday night. If you thought fans would boo Steinbrenner tonight, even after giving Jeter a check for $222,222.22 for Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation, you would be right.

Those were pretty definitive boos coming from the Yankee Stadium faithful. Some of this stems from fans believing that Steinbrenner is…reluctant to spend money on players. In fact, Yankees management have been playing hardball on Aaron Judge’s contract, as he turned down a long-term offer and signed a one-year, $19 million contract for 2022. Judge currently has 55 home runs and is on pace to get over 60 so fans are feeling uneasy that Judge is having this kind of year just to play somewhere else next season simply because the Yankees aren’t going to pay him what he’s worth.

Fan reaction on social media matched the reaction in the stands, they really want to boo Hal. And also boo Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

Jeter, who was feel very confident, asked Yankees fans to cheer for Steinbrenner. Jeter certainly has some pull because fans actually cheered.

Though as some pointed out, Jeter didn’t ask fans to cheer for Cashman.

Who knows when Hal Steinbrenner will make his next appearance at a Yankees game, but whenever that happens, he’s probably getting booed.

[Photo: Talkin’ Yanks]

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