There’s so much focus on Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester’s struggles throwing to bases, but — while his issues there are probably the worst — this is a leaguewide problem for MLB pitchers.

And it seems so weird- how can literally the best people in the world at throwing baseballs struggle so much throwing to bases? Routine, mechanics, and being used to throwing any non-breaking ball 90+ mph is surely most of it, but it’s still bizarre how some throws to bases are nowhere close.

New York Yankees relief pitcher Adam Ottavino is the latest pitcher to make a hilariously awful throw to a base. During the sixth inning of Wednesday’s game against the Angels, Ottavino fielded a bouncer off the bat of Albert Pujols, and Michael Hermosillo tried to score. Hermosillo was able to do so, thanks largely to an absolutely terrible throw from Ottavino. This is brutal:

It’s even worse when you factor in its significance- that ended up being the deciding run in the Angels’ 3-2 victory.

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