The Yankees turned a unique triple play on Thursday against the Blue Jays, the league’s first ever 1-3-6-2-5-6 triple putout.

Not to be outdone (by themselves), just days later, the Yankees managed it again against the A’s. This time it was especially crucial; leading by one in the ninth inning, there were men on first and second with nobody out. That’s just about the best time to record a triple play.

Three triple plays in one season is ridiculous. It’s not the only game-ending triple play; this was the most recent example, from back in 2009, when Phillies infielder Chase Bruntlett recorded an unassisted triple play to seal a win over the Mets.

Triple plays are one of the rarer moments in pro sports, and having one end the game truly does feel like something that only comes around once every decade. Although considering how many the Yankees have this year, maybe they’re turning it into more of a skill.

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