Entering Tuesday, Yasiel Puig had made it about two and a half months without making any negative headlines.

The Dodgers outfielder known as much for his tardiness as for his talent, was simply chugging along as a just-above-replacement-level part-time player with an uninspiring .234/.309/.402 slash line. No feuds with teammates, no brawls, no drunken snap chats, no bar fights, no premature bat flips. Just (fairly mediocre) baseball.

But because Puig finds controversy wherever it can be found, he stirred some shit Tuesday after hitting his 10th home run of the season, off Cleveland Indians righty Trevor Bauer.

Watch Puig carefully toward the end of this clip, as he heads toward the Dodgers’ dugout.

Yep, he flipped off the fans. We’ve watched the video at least 10 times and have officially concluded that’s the ol’ double-bird.

It’s not tough to guess what happened here. Some Cleveland fans were taunting Puig when he was in the on-deck circle, so after he thwarted them by homering off their team, he shot them a little message, assuming the cameras wouldn’t notice.

But Puig probably shouldn’t be so harsh on Indians fans. He’s been the subject of trade rumors for a while and, well, Cleveland could use another outfielder.

Maybe next time he should take the Joey Votto route and simply remind the hecklers of their own worthlessness.

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