We’ve seen pretty much every team in Major League Baseball pay their respects to Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz.

But his own team still had a surprise in store for his final regular season series at Fenway.

That comes this weekend against the Toronto Blue Jays. We haven’t heard too much about what the team is planning on doing to honor its long-time DH, but we did find out that the grounds crew at Fenway has already done its part with a ridiculously large portrait of Ortiz cut into the grass in center field.

Talk about Big Papi.

Just how did they manage that? According to Buster Olney, via newfangled equipment:

This portrait is impressive, and it sets the bar high for the next big retirement ceremony like this. It did seem to be misplaced, however. If they were truly going to honor Ortiz, they would’ve put it in right centerfield, where Ortiz always seemed to hit his biggest homeruns for Boston.

The rest of the David Ortiz celebration has yet to be announced, but if it’s anything like this, we’re in for some big-time celebrations. Red Sox fans will also be gifted with the opportunity to see Ortiz in the postseason.

Also, why can’t bobbleheads ever look this lifelike?

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