Mike Jackson pounds on CM Punk at UFC 225.

Former WWE star CM Punk (otherwise known as Phillip Brooks) hasn’t had his move to the UFC go too smoothly so far, losing his first fight (at UFC 203 in 2016) just 2:14 in and then losing his second fight (at UFC 225 Saturday night) in a unanimous decision after three rounds (scored 30-26 by all three judges), a fight that also saw Punk sent to the hospital for a CT scan afterwards. And his victorious opponent, Mike “The Truth” Jackson, didn’t exactly have inspiring words for Punk afterwards when asked what advice he’d give him.

“Stop! That’s what I would tell him, stop. I don’t, it’s not a disrespectful thing, but this is a sport where your life is on the line, you know. And I get it and I respect him 100 percent for being willing to step in there, but you’re just putting yourself at risk. I mean, I sent him to the hospital, know what I’m saying? And I’m not top-tier level, I know what it is with me and my skills. Can I compete with some guys in the UFC? Of course I can. But as far as trying to continue with the sport, I highly advise against it, just for safety.”

Those are some harsh criticisms, especially from a guy who only has two professional MMA appearances himself (he has boxed and kickboxed professionally, however). And a whole lot of other fighters weren’t impressed with Punk’s showing either. Or with Jackson’s, for that matter.

Yeah, those aren’t exactly rave reviews. And for the 39-year-old Punk in particular, you have to wonder if there will be another UFC opportunity. Two losses are bad enough in their own right, but he hasn’t looked particularly good in either, or like he belongs in the octagon. And these criticisms from his opponent in particular are notable; yes, there’s always trash talk after a fight, but this goes beyond the typical. We’ll see what’s next for Punk after this, but his UFC career certainly doesn’t look promising right now.

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