CM Punk signed with the UFC back in December of 2014. While we’ve heard plenty of different rumors as to when he will make his debut, it appears we might have a more concrete timetable.

Punk isn’t certain still. “I don’t know,” Punk told Ariel Helwani on the latest episode of The MMA Hour. “I have learned from my past mistakes and I am not going to say a date that everyone is going to get married to and then I am going to have to hear how I am never going to fight. I am going to fight, it’s going to be this year.”

From the sound of it, he would like to fight twice in 2016, but he was yet again very conservative in saying whether it would really happen or not.

“In my mind, that card at [Madison Square] Garden would be a nice second fight,” he said. “But, I don’t know how realistic that is because, again, I don’t want to say things people are going to take to heart. And it’s always the people that say they don’t want to watch me fight. It’s very strange.”

It appeared that his first opponent would be prospect Mickey Gall, but that was delayed because of the back surgery.

If there were a place for CM Punk to make his debut, having it in New York at Madison Square Garden wouldn’t be a terrible place. There’s no bigger stage than New York City.

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