Conor McGregor hasn’t had an MMA fight since November of 2016. But he was in the MMA cage on Friday for a completely different reason, and people aren’t too happy with him.

During Bellator 187 in Dublin, McGregor was in the crowd to watch teammate Charlie Ward take on John Redmond. Ward won via knockout, and McGregor stormed into the cage to celebrate (which isn’t allowed, given that he wasn’t one of Ward’s licensed cornermen for the fight).

Referee Marc Goddard then tried to have McGregor removed from the cage, and the Irish firebrand shoved the referee.

Last month, Goddard got into it with McGregor at a UFC event in Poland when he actually stopped the fight to tell McGregor, who was also not a cornerman for that fight, to sit down and “act professional”.

I know McGregor is quite famous, but he wasn’t one of Ward’s cornermen. He shouldn’t have been in the cage at all, let alone in the cage celebrating and putting his hands on a referee.

Oh, and in case you’re curious about what Dana White thinks about fighters touching referees, here’s what he said a year ago.

“There is never, ever a situation where you put your fucking hands on a referee”

I can’t wait until he conveniently forgets about that quote when he’s asked about McGregor’s latest incident.

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