Conor McGregor can throwing

Conor McGregor already settled his debt with the Nevada State Athletic Commission for last year’s infamous bottle-throwing fight with Nate Diaz. But a new lawsuit could wind up taking another several thousand dollars out of McGregor’s pocket.

William Pegg, one of the security guards that night in Las Vegas, has filed a lawsuit against McGregor for his can-throwing tirade, according to The Blast. Pegg, who is seeking at least $95,000 in damages, claims McGregor nailed him in the upper back with a Monster Energy can during the pre-fight press conference.

According to The Blast report, Pegg claims he suffered $5,000 in medical expenses. He estimated the rest of his damages claims off McGregor’s payday from his fight against Diaz:

Pegg claims in the lawsuit that Conor McGregor made $15,000,000 from his fight with Diaz, during which he was “significantly” struck by Diaz 166 times. So … $15,000,000 divided by 166 is about $90,000 (the extra $5k comes from the medical expenses).

McGregor won his fight against Diaz but received a $25,000 fine from the NSAC along with 25 hours of community service. Pegg filed the lawsuit in March, and the court denied McGregor’s motion to have the case dismissed in May, according to ESPN. So Pegg will get his chance to fight McGregor in court.

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