The last time we saw former WWE stars Brock Lesnar and CM Punk in a UFC cage, things didn’t go exactly as planned for either star.

Lesnar won in an unanimous decision against Mark Hunt in a Heavyweight battle at UFC 200, this despite Lesnar failing a post-fight test for performance enhancing drugs. The win was ruled a no contest because of it and Lesnar hasn’t really been the same in the cage or WWE ring since.

Heck, he was buried by Goldberg in his return to the WWE at Survivor Series and seems to be on the downside of his most recent run in the squared circle. Does that mean Lesnar may look to the UFC to take care of his competitive itch?

Dana White gave us some insight as TMZ Sports caught up with the UFC president. Let’s just say Lesnar isn’t likely to be on the radar unless something drastic changes.

White put it rather bluntly:

“I doubt it – I don’t know how much longer he’s got with WWE,” said White. “I think his career is winding down but he’s a freak of nature. Who knows … maybe he’ll give me a call and say he wants to do it again but I think he’s ready to ride off into the sunset.”

While Lesnar has been a freak of an athlete, winning an NCAA wrestling title, the WWE championship and the UFC heavyweight championship, no WWE star’s cross-over to UFC was more anticipated than CM Punk’s debut in the Octagon.

Punk’s first foray was an utter disaster. He was submitted by Micky Gall in just 2:14 of the first round of action.

That embarrassment after all the talk leading up to the fight apparently has fueled Phil Brooks (Punk’s real name). But, that doesn’t mean he’s just going to get a shot in the UFC right away according to White.

I don’t know. I’ve got to talk to him and see how this thing works out for him. UFC’s a dangerous place, man. It really is. It’s a tough place to come in for your first couple fights. I give him all the credit and respect in the world for coming in and giving it a shot. It’s a tough place to do it though. But we’ll see what happens. I love the guy.

There really haven’t been many professional wrestling stars who have been super successful in their MMA careers, despite the appeal of the sport to many in the wrestling business. Sure, Lesnar won a title, but he’s nearly at .500 in his career overall.

About the only other big name to make it in MMA has been Bobby Lashley, who was the TNA champion for some time after a successful run in MMA outside of the UFC a few years ago. Ken Shamrock underwent the most successful crossover from MMA to WWE as he was an MMA legend in the early days of the sport who became WWE Intercontinental Champion during the famed “Attitude Era” of the late 90’s.

Perhaps as the massive egos of Lesnar and Punk got crushed, we’ll see fewer and fewer of these crazy crossovers in the future.


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