MMA fighter

It was a wild scene outside a Jacksonville Florida elementary school when a 10-foot alligator was spotted outside.

A video shows amateur MMA fighter Mike Dragich who is also a licensed gator trapper, trying to grab the alligator by its tail multiple times but the gator refused to move.

Dragich was finally able to hook its head with a catch pole,  but again the alligator wouldn’t go down easily, which scared several onlookers nearby.

It rolled multiple times in an effort to break free from Dragich but eventually, he was able to control it with the help of Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responders.

Thankfully, no one was injured. Dragich talked about his experience, which took place last month with a Florida TV station.

Dragich compared it to his time in the cage during a fight.

“I felt like Batman, for real,” he said.

“A lot of fighters will understand that uh, when you go to the cage, you’re nervous but once that cage door closes, you gotta be focused and honestly that’s what I remembered from that night,” Dragich said.

As most people know, alligators are very prominent in the state of Florida, so it’s not unusual to see them out and about but it is unusual to see them out and about in neighborhoods and this situation could have taken a turn for the worse if children were around during school hours.

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