TORRANCE, CA – FEBRUARY 24: UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor speaks during a news conference with lightweight contender Nate Diaz at UFC Gym February 24, 2016, in Torrance, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The war of words between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor has been heated in advance of their UFC 196 bout. Diaz accused McGregor (and the whole UFC) of being on steroids, which the Irish fighting star vehemently denied. Diaz’s camp has thrown the same accusations McGregor’s way, as his coach Richard Perez said McGregor’s got to be juicing because his weight gain.

Oh I sure do believe that, heck yeah. Some guys, they get busted – and to be honest with you, I know McGregor has got to be on some kind of steroids,” Perez said. “He’s pretty big, and then all of a sudden (he’s) jumping to 170? Yeah there’s no way, cause I mean, he was supposed to be fighting at 155.”

Perez said the current UFC Featherweight Champion was too defensive when pressed with the allegations, which to him insinuates he’s taking steroids.

“When Nathan mentioned it to him, he got defensive, he got angry,” he continued. “If somebody would have told me that I was fighting and he told me, you know, steroids, I would laugh and say, ‘yeah give me some more steroids, heck yeah, ah ha sure’. But he got defensive and mad, you know, “I’m not on steroids, I’m not on steroids!” You know, he was like trying to defend himself. So that, just his actions and the way he talked, there’s something behind that.”

McGregor continued to be on the receiving end of the shit talking he’s known for, as Perez continued to question his weight gain, calling it “fishy.” The accusations are unfounded as McGregor has never tested positive for steroids, but it’s fun to see Diaz and his team go toe-to-toe with McGregor out of the octagon.

There will be a ton of pride on the line as McGregor faces Diaz March 5th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The post-fight press conference might be equally as entertaining as the pre-fight ones.

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