Ronda rousey

Former UFC and WWE champion Ronda Rousey is Latina. Many of her fans were confused when they learned this fact in a UFC-produced video montage honoring Hispanic Heritage Month.

“UFC commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating our athletes and fans representing United States Hispanic and Latin American communities and other Spanish-speaking countries around the world. We are proud to acknowledge the influence that Hispanic and Latino culture has played in the UFC,” the mixed-martial arts organization said in a statement.

Rousey is clearly visible in the montage, and many UFC fans were confused by her inclusion.

“Bro, why did they have Ronda Rousey in a compilation of Mexican fighters?” One user asked.

“I’m watching this like why the f*ck is Ronda in this?” tweeted Marcos Rodriguez. “Turns out she’s half Venezuelan. I like Rousey even more now.”

“Why did they include Ronda Rousey in Hispanic tribute? Lol. At the very last few seconds of the clip, the ref is raising Ronda’s hand. Shaking my head,” wrote a Twitter user.

Rousey told FOX News Latino a couple of years ago that her grandfather is Venezuelan and she considers herself Latina. “In America, you are what you look like,” she said while noting she had trouble learning English while growing up.