The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue comes out in February, and the magazine is not-so-slyly teasing one of its star models.

First, in fitting with the theme, swimsuit edition editor MJ Day Instagrammed this photo of a butt.

Then, after people on the Internet did or didn’t start speculating about the identity of the mystery keister, SI wrote the following oddly self-referential, blatantly self-promotional paragraphs:

The Internet went into a frenzy this afternoon when SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo from our current exotic shoot. And while the full identity of the mystery model won’t be revealed until next month, some savvy web sleuths think they may have already figured out who she is. 

Thanks to a few inconspicuous tattoos, it looks like our next body-painted beauty may be the one and only Ronda Rousey. We can neither confirm nor deny these rumors, but isn’t the idea of Ronda donning nothing but paint enough to tide you over until the issue comes out in February? 

Either tell us who it is or don’t, but does anyone really care enough to follow this wink-nod scavenger hunt? As Marlo Stanfield once said, “Do it or don’t, but I got some place to be.”

If you need confirmation that it is indeed Rousey’s caboose in the above picture, here you go:

It’s been a big week for Rousey, who on Tuesday was tabbed as host of SNL’s Jan. 23 show.

Anyway, if you want to see Rousey mostly naked and weren’t satisfied by her appearance in last year’s swimsuit edition, it seems you’ll get your chance in February.

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