Conor McGregor is, well, notoriously a stirrer of shit, but he generally keeps things on the legal side, or at least right on the line. Today he may have crossed it entirely, attacking various buses and vans containing UFC fighters and personnel.

The incident reportedly took place in the loading dock at the Barclays Center, ahead of Saturday’s UFC 223. If you’re think it’s a publicity stunt, that’s usually the right instinct, but in this case at least one fighter set for a bout this weekend was reportedly injured by flying glass, which is not something the promotion would typically screw around with.

Take a look, with the expected NSFW audio caveats:

And another angle, from inside a different vehicle:

That’s bad!

What a shitshow. This really could end with Conor McGregor arrested for assualt and battery. Ironic that a guy who works as a professional fighter and apparently wants to fight all the time hasn’t taken a UFC fight since November 2016.

And he might not be taking another one any time soon, if Dana White is to be believed, which is always a question:

But hey, people are talking about UFC 223 now!

UPDATE: Conor McGregor was officially arrested on Thursday night.

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