Donald Trump joined the Full Send Podcast last week and YouTube swiftly yanked the episode because it violated the platform’s misinformation policy.

The only thing less surprising than YouTube pulling a podcast that broadcasts election fraud is the fact that the former president is still out spewing election misinformation. Naturally, Trump was livid after learning his interview with the Full Send crew was scrapped.

Trump’s gripe was echoed by UFC president Dana White this week, who joined Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive and similarly raged against YouTube for deleting the Full Send episode.

“It’s insane,” White told Paul, who was joined by Mike Majlak and George Janko. “Why would they do that? Why would they take that, what was bad about that interview? If you look at all the s**t that’s on the f***ing internet, that’s what you’re going to take down? F***ing kidding me?”

The podcast was erased by YouTube because Trump reiterated baseless claims of election fraud, calling it the “crime of the century.” But that reason wasn’t good enough for White.

“The nuttiest of the nutty are entitled to have an opinion in America. They can have an opinion and you as another American can agree with it or not agree with it,” White ranted, claiming Trump shouldn’t be viewed like Alex Jones. “The fact that Trump’s podcast with Full Send got taken down is f***ing disgusting and more importantly is scary.”

White has blasted the NFL and NBA for weighing into political conversations and preached a desire to keep politics out of sports. But White fails to abide by his own criticisms and repeatedly fawns over the former president, which might be best highlighted by his decision to speak at the Republican National Conventions in 2016 and 2020.


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