Brock Lesnar

If you thought recent comments by UFC star Conor McGregor would go without comment from the WWE, you simply don’t understand how these things work.

McGregor is set for his rematch with Nate Diaz tonight at UFC 202, and WWE’s SummerSlam is tomorrow. (It’s almost like this could be a bit crafted to generate headlines!) The latest to respond to McGregor’s comments is Brock Lesnar, who has starred in both the world of professional wrestling and in mixed martial arts. He’s perhaps the best possible authority on this particular subject.

As a refresher, McGregor recently said WWE guys are messed up kitty cats.* McGregor took a specific shot at Lesnar, calling him “juiced up to the eyeballs.” He also called John Cena “a big fat, 40-year old failed Mr. Olympia mother-lover.**

Reached for comment recently by Sam Roberts at an event leading up to Summer Slam, Lesnar had a few choice words to say to McGregor as well. The video contains some very NSFW language, but let’s just say Lesnar was not particularly thrilled with McGregor’s opinions. Also, Lesnar advises McGregor to eat his Wheaties.


Now we await the time when McGregor is booked for a match in the WWE.

*He didn’t really say “kitty cats.”

** He didn’t say “mother-lover.”


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