UFC’s Embedded series might have just given us its best look into what happens behind the scenes of the UFC.

Jon Jones tested positive and is off of UFC 200, and in the latest version of Embedded, we see when Daniel Cormier learns of Jones testing positive, and his reaction was quite emotional.

Cormier is up there in age for an athlete at 37 years old, and would have been fighting in the biggest event in UFC’s history. Now, he’s lost out on a big payday because of Jones’ drug test.

Despite the positive drug test, Cormier asked Dana White to let the fight still happen.

“Is there anything I can do? I’ll sign a release and we can just fight.”

Well, on Thursday night, it was announced that 41-year-old Anderson Silva will step in and face Cormier in a non-title fight at UFC 200 (via ESPN):

Daniel Cormier will remain on the UFC 200 card Saturday and fight former middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a three-round, non-title light heavyweight fight.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the news to ESPN on Thursday evening. Cormier, the light heavyweight champion, was originally scheduled to fight Jon Jones at UFC 200, but that fight fell through Wednesday, when Jones was informed of a potential anti-doping violation.


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