The painted-over LeBron mural.

Celebrating LeBron James signing with the Lakers with a giant mural was an interesting idea, but one that didn’t last for long. Artists Jonas Never and Menso One put up a mural of LeBron in a Lakers’ jersey with a script “King of L.A.” on the side of Baby Blues BBQ in L.A.’s Venice neighborhood Friday, but by Sunday, that mural had been defaced with messages like “We don’t want you,” “LeFraud,” “No King,” and “3-6.” (Who knew Skip Bayless was into defacing murals?) On Wednesday, Never showed up and painted over the mural, saying he didn’t have enough time to keep cleaning it up:

Never then added “Fun while it lasted” into an updated caption of his initial shot of the mural on Instagram:

So those angry about LeBron coming to Los Angeles, or about him not showing up at Blaze Pizza, or whatever else the world is currently mad at him for, will have to find new targets. That new white paint where the mural once was could lend itself to some photoshopped images, though. Like, say, this…

A Skip Bayless tweet photoshopped onto the painted-over LeBron mural.

[For The Win; painted mural photo from @LeBronBurner on Twitter]

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