allen iverson

If you have not already noticed, the Mannequin Challenge has become the latest viral craze to hit the Internet. Some are better than others, but the entire concept may not be totally understood by some. Allen Iverson appears to be one of those who doesn’t quite get it.

For a quick refresher, the Mannequin Challenge is a short video in which people in the video are supposed to stand still in a certain pose, as if they are mannequins on display. It’s like capturing a specific moment in a photograph and then stepping into said photo and exploring the moment from all angles. The Philadelphia 76ers attempted to pull one off during a timeout of a Sixers home game, with Hall of Famer Allen Iverson on hand. I’m not sure if Iverson knew exactly what was supposed to happen, or if he was just being himself and playing by his own rules.

Regardless, ESPN had the best possible line about Iverson’s lack of mannequin skills…

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