Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Monday in Houston, which meant a day of remembering the career of one of the NBA’s most talented guards and shooters. It also meant, naturally, taking a look back at one of the best press conference rants of all time.

In a Monday press conference, Iverson remembered his infamous rant.

“If you woulda said something about ‘lasagna’ at that point, I would have kept saying ‘lasagna.’ I was already on edge,” Iverson said. “I was already mad because… no, first of all I was happy. I thought the press conference was going to be happy. All I thought I was doing was coming and telling Philadelphia that I wasn’t going anywhere. Now I can blame you.”

“I wish I could take it back. My kids tease me about it,” he said. “It makes me so mad. I’m a Hall of Famer and I can go outside today and go to a restaurant or wherever and somebody will come up to me and say, ‘PRACTICE? We talkin’ bout practice?!’ Man, I am a Hall of Famer and that’s all you can think about?”

Yes AI, we’re always gonna be talkin’ about practice with you. Because without practice, we would have never had one of the most quotable press conference rants of all time, and for that, all sports fans should be grateful.

You can watch more from AI below.

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