One of the criticisms of the one-and-done rule in basketball is that some basketball players merely go through the motions of attending college on their way to the NBA. On Sunday night prior to Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the product of that forced college attendance was on full display in a fun game show segment hosted by Jimmy Kimmel featuring Jalen Rose, Andre Drummond, Glenn Robinson III and Caron Butler.

As expected, the basketball stars struggled with some of the questions asked by Kimmel, which at one point led Drummond to explain why he was not doing so well.

“I went to school for six months,” Drummond said, both poking some fun at himself and at the same time making a point about the shortcomings of the one-and-done rules in basketball. This was a point not overlooked without comment by Rose.

“And only basketball players and football players are forced to go to college,” Rose said. This is, of course, not 100 percent accurate, but is generally true.

UConn and Michigan should be so proud of this display.


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